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Welcome to Escape History. We are not your average escape room. In fact, we will take you back in time to real historical situations, and provide you with the opportunity to see if you and your group can change history. When you walk through our doors, imagine stepping into a time machine where history comes alive, and situations that have shaped our world exist. For each of our rooms, you will be provided the opportunity to solve puzzles, find clues, and do some investigative research. Beware, you are limited on time so you must hurry. Are you up to the challenge? If so, then consider Escape History for your next adventure.

Capone's Speakeasy

Capone's Speakeasy

You're stuck in between the feud of Al Capone and Bugs Malone, two of Chicago’s biggest crime bosses.Capone has just shot Bug's crew at the St. Valentine Day’s massacre. Now Bugs wants revenge and to hurt the competition as much as possible. He has hired your team to break into Capone’s most popular speakeasy, Room 21 , steal the profits from the bar, his Ledgers detailing his criminal actions, and activate a bomb to destroy his most lucrative property, you’ll also need to escape, out the back door before you’re found out.

Our most challenging, but our fan favorite! Al Capone’s Speakeasy is best suited for larger groups including teens and adults. The average success rate of this room is between 10-15%.

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Hitler and the Spear of Destiny

The Lincoln Room

The Spear of Destiny, since piercing the side of Christ, has been passed down through the ages as a Holy Relic and symbol of power. The Spear is said to have phenomenal, unexplained power allowing the one who possesses it to become invincible. However, losing it would bring upon the owner immediate death. On the very day Hitler annexed Austria to his German empire, he personally went to the Hof Museum where the spear was being held as a treasure from the Hapsburg royal family. He confiscated the spear for his own greed and power to reinforce his attempts at global domination. Legend has it, on April 30, 1945, General George S. Patton seized the spear from Hitler’s personal, secret vault. Hours later Hitler would commit suicide, and Berlin, Germany would fall to the Allies that evening. It is April 30th, 1945, you and your team have successfully infiltrated Hitler’s private office. Can you find the Spear, ending the Third Reich and securing the Allies Victory in Europe before you are discovered?

The easiest of our three rooms! WWII and the Spear of Destiny is best for smaller or beginning escape room teams. The average success rate of this room is between 75-80%.

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The Titanic and the Curse of the Mummy

The Lincoln Room

While aboard the Titanic, you and your party get word that the famous archaeological couple, Sir Mortimer Wheeler and Tessa Verney, are traveling first class and transporting a few Ancient Egyptian artifacts to a museum in the United States. One of those artifacts includes the sarcophagus and mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh, Ahman-Ra’s princess. Supposedly, there is too much moisture in the cargo hold, therefore, these artifacts are being held in the Wheeler’s first-class room, under his close supervision. Your party decides to sneak into their room while they are at dinner followed by ballroom dancing on the night of April 14th. While examining some of the artifacts more closely, you discover a hidden note. You read through the detailed account of the history of the mummy and discover it has a horrible past. In fact, a curse follows this mummy, bringing misfortune and even death to those who have come in contact with it. You hear the door mysteriously lock, you’ve found out her secret, and now find yourself stuck inside this room with the Cursed Princess, Ahman Ra. You and your party will need to break this ancient curse and escape before something bad happens to you, or even worse, all of the passengers on the ship.

Not our easiest, but not our hardest experience. The Titanic Room is excellent for groups of all ages including those with children. The average success rate of this room is 70%.

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